Classification Guidelines
And Distribution Controls

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The security office administers the security classification management program to comply with provisions and requirements of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). Security receives, evaluates, interprets, and obtains clarification and changes to classification guidance for contracts and proposals and issues classification guidance. It is the final authority in the company for determining the classification level of information (documents and material) generated by the company. Questions related to security classification should be referred to security office for advice and assistance.

It is the direct responsibility of the individual author or generator of classified information to ensure that the final product contains proper classification of all elements contained therein and correct overall marking. If a document is to be reproduced, final placement and verification of markings may be delegated to the responsible editor, but it is incumbent upon the author to provide a draft properly classified by portion. All persons who contribute to the preparation of a classified product must fully understand and comply with the classification and marking requirements.

Each organization manager, proposal leader, or project manager is responsible for ensuring that employees under his or her supervision properly identify classified information in accordance with security classification specifications established for the contract or proposal. Managers and supervisors are also responsible for ensuring that their employees adhere to classification policies and procedures.

Classification Guidance

A copy of Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification (DD Form 254) is furnished in the request for proposal package or in a formal contract requiring access to and/or generation of classified material. The DD 254 establishes security classification levels of classified information and hardware, downgrading, and declassification instructions, public dissemination instructions for information related to the contract, and other special security requirements. If a DD 254 is not provided, the security office together with the contracting office take the action necessary to obtain one.

The security office reviews each DD 254 for adequacy of security guidance prior to Company contract acceptance and is the point of contact on classification matters requiring clarification or augmentation by the customer.

Where classified information is extracted or paraphrased from an existing classified document, report, etc., the originator responsible for extracting or paraphrasing marks the new material with the same classification as that applied to the original. Downgrade/declassification markings are also carried forward to the new document.

If a document, report, etc., is not generated in response to a User Agency contract, RFP or RFQ, or extracted from a classified source, and the material is considered to contain information which should be safeguarded in the interest of national defense, the material must be protected as if classified until an advisory opinion is obtained from a User Agency with an interest in the subject matter. 

Classification Review

Classification review establishes classification requirements on new documents and considers regrading or declassification of existing documents and material. The basis for these actions may be classification specifications established by the customer, a change in the guidance, specific direction by the customer affecting a single or several items, or correction of erroneous existing classification. Authorizations for regrade and declassification action are prepared by security office.

Employees who have reason to believe that information is classified improperly or unnecessarily, or believe that current security considerations justify downgrading or upgrading, can request the security office to review such issues with the pertinent customer. A classification review of company-generated material should be requested by the individual responsible for the preparation of the material when there is any doubt about the accuracy of a classification.

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