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NOAA Western Regional Center

7600 Sand Point Way, Seattle, WA


NOAA's Western Regional Center (WRC) is located in Seattle on Lake Washington, adjacent to Seattle's Warren G. Magnuson Park.

Picture of the Western Regional Center campus looking northwest.
          Click to open a larger version of the photo.The complete Western Regional Center consists of nine buildings which contain 473,938 square feet and a vessel staging pier. Three of the buildings provide offices and laboratory facilities for NOAA components and a fourth is a multipurpose auditorium. There is also an employee services center and a heated warehouse building with various shops. More information can be found in a short history of the planning and development of the center.

Map of the Western Regional Center

Directions from the airport to the WRC

Image of an envelope    Campus closed.            
Please contact your supervisor for access.

New Identification Requirements for Access to WRC   

  • Facility Services

    Information about meeting room scheduling, WRC campus policies, programs, and goals plus other local and regional items of general interest.

  • Security Services

    The DOC OSY Western Region Security Office (WRSO) on campus is responsible for ID cards, campus security, threat briefings, and visitor access. Also, security awareness posters and a security responsibilities guide.

  • IT Services

    Information about WRC campus IT services.