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Current National Threat Level is elevated Current Threat level: Read the Department of Homeland Security web site for more information.

The Steps to Processing Federal Security Packages


If the applicant does not have a favorable adjudicated investigation on file

  • WFM must invite applicant into eQIP
  • WFM needs to verify the PII inputted into eQIP
    (Examples: those who had previous eQIP done by DoD – information needs to be updated)
  • WFM must review eQIP and upload all required documents:
    • OSY Coversheet
    • OF306
    • Resume
    • Position Description
    • FCRA for T2 & T4 investigations
    • CD79 for T3 & T5 investigations
  • AUB tab in eQIP must be completed by WFM - TAS must be completed
  • Please notify Security Specialists by email when eQIP is ready for our review
  • Prints need to be mailed to our OSY/WRSO. Security Office will upload print results.

Responses from our office about fingerprints:

  • You will not receive an email about prints clearing.
  • You will only receive a phone call from us if there are issues.
  • When the eQIP has been released it means the prints are cleared.

NOTE! It is a violation of security policy to send PII over unsecured email. Documents with PII can sent to us via Accellion, the Department's secure file transmission site. Accellion is located at:   PII material can also be physically mailed to us at:

U.S. Department of Commerce
Office of Security
Western Region Security Office
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115-6349