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To the right is the NOAA CVS Training Guide (Training #1). This guide provides an outline to the information covered in Training #1. Some policies and procedures have changed for those TAs that were trained in 2008. I have attached all of the current documents to be used when sponsoring contractors. After you have approved the contractor's application for a CAC, maintain the DD Form 1172-2 and CD-591 in your files. You can destroy the forms after the contract is no longer valid or the contractor is no longer employed under that contract.

Contractor applications include Contractors, Sea Grant Fellows, Interns and Associates, Foreign Nationals (green card holders) as long as they meet the requirements to obtain a CAC. Foreign Nationals who are in the following categories WILL NOT be processed through CVS:

  • Any person who is not a citizen, US National, or Legal Permanent Resident (e.g. Green Card holder) of the United States. Note: A foreign national can be a contractor, research associate or guest
  • Must follow the Department of Commerce’s DAO 207-12 requirements

Please contact your LO POC for any Foreign National issues.

Training #2 – Online certification training courses provided by DoD.  This training is mandatory and must be completed prior to sponsoring contractors. The training can take up to two hours. This training is accessible only with a valid CAC, hardware and software. Once you receive your hardware/software, please following the instructions in your NOAA CVS Training Guide for Login, On-line Training and to process Contractor applications in CVS.

In the email "Required Training for CVS" dated 2/2/09 that was sent to the Trusted Agents, a deadline of March 27, 2009 was given to complete Training #2. I am aware that many of you were unable to obtain the required hardware/software. DoD will begin a phased approached for on-line training certification. The TA will be notified by email and they will have 30 days to complete their training. If the training is not completed, the TA will no longer be able to create applications in CVS until the required certification courses are completed.

Some TAs are experiencing login issues after they have received their hardware/software. Please make sure that you receive IT support before downloading the software to your system. If you experience login issues, please check with your IT support to make sure the drivers have been loaded and that there are no firewall issues. If you cannot login successfully, please contact me via email.

All name changes for contractors must be processed at a RAPIDS station with legal documentation (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) The contractor must report the name change to their Trusted Agent.

The NOAA CVS Training Guide (attached) and the CVS Training Guide (found on the left side of the TA Homepage) provides a wealth of information that will assist you in the Contractor Application Process. PLEASE PRINT OUT THESE DOCUMENTS FOR REFERENCE.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this email, please contact me via email or 301-713-0850 x158.

Neavaly Touray