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Travel Information

The High Threat Security Overseas Seminar (HTSOS) has been renamed the Counter Threat Awareness Training (CTAT) and is available on the Commerce Learning Center (CLC). The CTAT fulfills a Department of State mandatory training requirement for all personnel traveling internationally for less than a cumulative 90 days for the calendar year. CTAT is not required for non-official (personal) international travel.

CTAT training on the CLC takes approximately 5 hours to complete all modules. The CTAT completion certificate is valid for 6 years, at which time the training must be completed again.

For those who have previously taken the HTSOS, this training will continue to be honored for 6 years from the training completion date. You are not required to take the new CTAT training until the expiration of your current HTSOS certification.

If an individual is executing official international travel that does not have access to the CLC, the CTAT is accessible via the Department of State Foreign Service Institute (FSI) website at, and temporarily, there is no fee.

If you encounter any technical difficulties launching and/or completing the CTAT training on CLC, please reference the following URL, and then click the 24x7 live support button on the lower right of the log-in page.

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