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Checking Reciprocity

These will be used for PIPS check: Completed Security Coversheet, OF306, (Resumes for Federal Employees) .
We will PIP and look for:

  1) Favorable Suitability Background Investigation

  2) Position Sensitivity needs to match or is greater than what’s listed

  3) Need to know if the applicant is currently employed with the Federal Government and/or if there has been a 2 year break in service

  Reciprocity might be possible if all of the following are “True”
The favorably adjudicated investigation is at the required level or higher. – No Break in Service of 24 months or more.– Favorable Adjudication based on criteria in 5 CFR 731, or equivalent – Served continuously for at least one year in position for which they favorably adjudicated. – No new information obtained in connection with appointment. – Issues (if any) present in the prior favorably adjudicated investigation are not incompatible with the core duties of the position. – Position Sensitivity Matches

Breaks in Service/Employment of 0-30 days. just a security package is required, no prints.

Breaks of 30 days to 24 Months will be subject to the minimum of a fingerprint check, when returning to work for or on behalf of the Government. Their current investigation on record will be used unless a new investigation is required by the Continuous Evaluation/Reinvestigation standard results of fingerprint checks are adverse; a review of indices of prior investigations; and adjudications indicate the subject may no longer satisfy the applicable suitability or security adjudication standards; or a higher-level investigation is required for the new position.

Breaks in Service/Employment Over 24 Months. Subjects who have a continuous (not cumulative) break in service/employment greater than 24-months must complete an updated e-APP and undergo the investigation required by their position designation when returning to work for or on behalf of the government.