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Security Awareness Posters

To view a larger image of a poster for printing, select the thumbnail graphic.

The WRSO does not maintain or provide hard copies of the posters listed below.

Poster descriptions were provided by four student volunteers from Bellevue Community College, WA.

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94d.jpg - Kitchen full of chefs preparing a large meal with ingredients lain out on a large table. Caption reads, "Include Security, it's a vital ingredient!"
95b.jpg - Shot of the Earth from outer space in top right corner, people boarding an "Air France" airplane in bottom left corner. Caption reads, "Know the RISKS! Contact Security BEFORE Any Foreign Travel".
95c.jpg - Fiery red explosion of fireworks in background, foreground features text reading "TERROR HITS HOME, world trade center bombing, 26 February 1993, Terrorists PREY on Complacency and inattention. BE AWARE"
95d.jpg - Curvy two-lane road filled with cars leading into a giant computer monitor. Road signs read various warnings such as "virus", "hackers", and "information openly accessible". Caption reads, "Before hitting the Information Superhighway. Consider the RISKS!"
95e.jpg - Two images side by side, one of George Washington leading an army of troops off to battle, the other a picture of a large tank going into battle on a desert field. Caption reads, "WHAT WAS PRUDENENT ADVICE IN 1777, STILL IS!" Quote reads, "The necessity of procuring good intelligence is apparent and need not be further urged. All that remain for me to add is that you keep the whole matter secret as possible. For upon secrecy, success depends in most enterprises of the kind, and for want of it, they are generally defeated" - George Washington.
95f.jpg - Snow covered field with log cabins and trees. Cabins have burning chimneys, a full moon glows in the night sky. Caption reads, "Good Security Keeps the Mission Fires Burning".
95g.jpg - Red cartoon character sitting at a computer saying, "The computer is mightier than the pen". Caption reads, ".More can be stolen in less time. COMPUTER SECURITY. JUST DO IT!"
96a.jpg - Tall cartoon woman and short cartoon man (Boris and Natasha) walking out of a building with suitcases full of money and documents. Caption reads, "They may have changed jobs. but they're still IN BUSINESS!"
96b.jpg - Mug shots of nine former US military and intelligence officers. Caption reads, ' "'To betray you must first belong.' Harold (Kim) Philby, Former head of anti-Soviet Division, of the British Secret Intelligence Service exposed as a Soviet mole following his defection to Moscow in 1963."

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