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Security Awareness Posters

To view a larger image of a poster for printing, select the thumbnail graphic.

The WRSO does not maintain or provide hard copies of the posters listed below.

Poster descriptions were provided by four student volunteers from Bellevue Community College, WA.

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cx-7763-006.jpg-A wheel of the different horoscope signs for a month.  The caption says, "Security a sign of the times."
cx-7803-011.jpg-A picture of the front of the white house at night.  A quote is beside the picture, "Give your best to your job and your country"-Lynden B. Johnson.  Underneath the picture at the bottom of the poster it says, "Our country's security depends on you."
cx-7996-013.jpg-A huge black bear standing on his two hind legs with his claws showing and there is a symbol on his stomach.  A quote is next to the picture, "Beware the truce of the bear, when he stands up as pleading, in wavering, man-brute guise, when he veils the hate and cunning of his little swinish eyes; when he shows as seeking quarter, with paws like hands in prayer, that is the time of peril -  the time of the truce of the bear."-Rudyard Kipling.
cx-821-001.jpg-The poster says, "Close," "Click," "Twist," "Spin," "Pull," "The sounds of security."
cx-8565-002.jpg-A picture of a light bulb switched on.  The caption reads, "Let security light up your life."
cx-8565-003.jpg-A picture of a tree and what it looks like through all four seasons.  The caption reads, "Security-a thought for all seasons."
cx-8565-004.jpg-The word "security" is written all over the poster horizontally.  In the lower right hand corner of the poster is a picture of a heart with a bow and arrow through it.  On the heart it says, "Forever yours."
cx-6381-009.jpg-A picture of houses cover in snow in the winter.  The caption reads, "Security is always in season."
d8905.jpg-A poster of the movie "Terminator" with Arnold Schwartzanegger. The poster says, "Terminate Poor Security Practices."

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