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Security Awareness Posters

To view a larger image of a poster for printing, select the thumbnail graphic.

The WRSO does not maintain or provide hard copies of the posters listed below.

Poster descriptions were provided by four student volunteers from Bellevue Community College, WA.

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cx-6550-010  A black, orange, and white geometric background with the caption, "Security week '71 (?). 8 to 12 November."
cx-6550-011  A black and white picture showing a man sitting in a messy office with papers piled high on his desk.  The caption below reads, "Records cleanout campaign spring 1974."
cx-6550-013  A blue background with orange drawings of various people arrainged around the poster.  In the middle there is a round symbol with the caption, "Campaign Security."
cx-6550-015  A poster with large red and whit stripes and a caption that reads, "Serve and Protect."  In the bottom right corner it reads, "Security Week, October 16-20 1972."
cx-6550-016  An artists rendering in green, black, and white of a golfer taking a swing.  The caption reads, "Take a positive approach to security."
cx-6550-017  An abstract drawing done in orange on a white background of a man and a woman standing around various landmarks from around the world. The above caption reads, "Foreign Travel?  Check first with office of security."
cx-6550-018  A whit background with an orange drawing showing people doing various summer activities.  The caption reads, "Summer of '72.a trust goes with you."
cx-6550-019  A picture of a 19th century photograph showing a large hot air balloon with the lettering "Atlantic" on the side.  The caption below the picture reads, "Traveling abroad?  First consult security."
cx-6550-020  An orange background with the word "security" in various languages done in black lettering.  The caption reads, "A meaningful word in any language."

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