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Security Awareness Posters

To view a larger image of a poster for printing, select the thumbnail graphic.

The WRSO does not maintain or provide hard copies of the posters listed below.

Poster descriptions were provided by four student volunteers from Bellevue Community College, WA.

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cx-6803-017.jpg-A picture of a boarded up church door.  Over the picture written in red it states, "We are doing all we can to liberate those people who are still under the spell of this religious opiate-Nikita Khruskchev.
cx-6803.019-jpg-The poster simply says, "Security for the seventies," "Lets get it all together."
cx-6968-002.jpg-The poster is an old scroll that says "Season Greetings, p.s. don't forget security during the holidays."
cx-6968-003jpg-An office setting with a guy sitting on top of a very cluttered desk with a holding a sign that says, "violation."  Underneath the poster it stated, "Good Housekeeping Promotes Good Security."
cx-6968-004.jpg-The poster is a picture of a line graph with stacks of paper with line markers displayed at each data value.  The top stack of papers is says, "Reduce Extra Copies."  The next line marker it says, "Increase Security," and the next says, "Decrease Cost."
cx-6968-005.jpg-The poster has a picture of the Liberty Bell.  Above the Liberty Bell it says, "Liberty.Security."  Underneath the bell it says, "Your way of live.Your responsibility."
cx-6968-007.jpg-This poster has a quote on it from John F. Kennedy, "I want it clearly understood that this government it will not hesitate in meeting its primary obligation which are the security of our nation."  Underneath the quote it states, John F. Kennedy, President United States of America April 20, 1961.
cx-6968-008.jpg-This poster has a bunch of different pictures of people's faces.  It says, "Security is everyone's responsibility."
cx-6968-009.jgp-This poster has a picture of a telephone.  The hand receiver is off the hook and the cord is wrapped around the border of the poster. Inside the border of the cord it says, "Make telephone security your hang-up."

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