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Security Awareness Posters

To view a larger image of a poster for printing, select the thumbnail graphic.

The WRSO does not maintain or provide hard copies of the posters listed below.

Poster descriptions were provided by four student volunteers from Bellevue Community College, WA.

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cx-6803-004.jpg-A picture of a man standing on his head.  Next to the man it says, "Anyway you look at it..Security is your responsibility."
cx-6803-005.jpg-A picture of a man gesturing a yawn, the poster says, "Security Indifference causes security violations.
cx-6803-008.jpg-A picture of a toddler praying, the poster says, "In god we trust-but on you we depend."
cx-6803-009.jpg-A picture of potato chip bag, on the bag it states, "It's in the bag!"  Underneath the picture it says, "signed sealed secured."
cx-6803-010.jpg-A picture of a calendar showing the month of January with the 1st circled in red.  The poster says, "In '64 put security first."
cx-6803-012.jpg-A picture of a baseball player sliding into base, while the opponent is throwing the ball.  It says, "Security calls for teamwork, this included everyone."
cx-6803-013.jpg-Soldiers raising a US flag in pacific theater WWII.  A quote is next the picture saying, "To each generation comes its patriotic duty, and upon your willingness to sacrifice and endure, as those before you have sacrificed and endured, rests the national hope."  This quote is from Charles Evans Hughes.
cx-6803-015.jpg-A picture of globe.  It says, "Put security in your vacation plans."
cx-6803-016.jpg-A picture of a woman filing in a filing cabinet with a man standing behind her showing her a file.  Next to the picture it says, "on the job,"  Underneath that is a picture of a man reeling in a fish holding a net under the fish.  Next to this picture is says, "off the job."  At the bottom of the poster is says, "SECURITY is up to you!"

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